It is impossible to care about tea without caring about the people who make tea. As a committed member of Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), we have issued the CEO-endorsed statement which outlines a summary of our commi'tment to responsible tea sourcing/buying practices. We work extremely hard to build long-lasting relationships with suppliers based on fair terms of trade and a sustainable future. The key commitments are outlined as below:-

  • We work closely with suppliers to ensure our supply chain meets lnternational Labour & Environmental standards
  • We work in partnership with our supplìers to support or improve long-term sustainability and the lives and communities.
  • We establish enduring relationships with our suppliers who share our values of trading fairly and maintaining the highest standard of quality
  • We maintaìn ethical conduct and integrity within our business.
  • We commit to pay sustainable price for quality products, and we aim to meet farmer's costs of production as minimum.


We request our supplier to be registered under Sedex (a third-party platform) and undergoes our selF-assessMent questionnaire. This provides the necessary insight and baseline for the social, economic and environmental conditìons that we ask our supplier to meet as part of Whittard of Chelsea sourcing/buying practices. This allows us to proactively uncover, manage, assess and mitigate supply chain risk and protect our business and stay one step ahead of current and upcoming legislation.

While this statement provides a brief overview of our approach to be a responsible partner in our global supply chain. We remain committed to regularl review and strengthening how we work with all stakeholders to support the long-term sustainability, ethical conduct and integrity.

See our sourcing statement here: