Master the Perfect Hot Chocolate

The promise of a comforting, creamy hot chocolate never fails to delight – but the disappointment of a watery, tasteless result is all too familiar. So, we’ve enlisted the step-by-step expertise of our hot chocolate buyer Harvy to ensure that every mug is a deliciously decadent masterpiece.

Master the Perfect Hot Chocolate


5 minutes


Super easy



This recipe can be adapted for any of our hot chocolates, so tuck into whatever you've got in the cupboard. Let us know what you picked; we love to see your creations!

3 heaped tsp of your favourite Whittard hot chocolate

200ml milk or milk alternative

Mini Marshmallows (optional)

  1. Pop 3 heaped tsp of hot chocolate into a mug.
  2. Heat approximately 200ml of your chosen dairy or plant-based milk – if you're feeling particularly indulgent, use a milk frother first.
  3. Pour into the mug and stir thoroughly (or whisk) with the powder until you have a smooth mixture.
  4. For the ultimate treat, top with a swirl of cream and an avalanche of fluffy Mini Marshmallows.

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