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Our traditional Japanese whisk has been made from high-quality bamboo in the centuries-old manner: the prongs have been cut by hand and the timeless design is minimalist and efficient.

  • Full Description

    Two things are crucial to make matcha as the Japanese do: the quality of green tea ground to make a powder, and the choice of whisk or chasen for mixing the matcha to a fine froth.

    • Includes: Matcha whisk

    • Tea format: Matcha powder

    • Brewing time: 6 minutes

    • Ideal for using with: Stoneware Matcha Bowl and Bamboo Matcha Spoon

  • Product Specifications
    Code: 320838

    Height: 10 cm
    Diameter of Whisk: 6cm

    Care Instructions:
    Not suitable for the dishwasher, hand wash only.

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The Green Tea Power Powder

When tea was first introduced to Japan, the Chinese custom was to grind the leaves down to a fine powder, then beat them with water to form a smooth, full-bodied tea. It's a custom that survived in Japan as matcha (literally "powder tea"), a finely powdered green tea which is revered not just as a drink but as a way of life.

Brew the perfect cup

1. Mix paste

2. Top up with water

3. Whisk

4. Enjoy!