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Superstrong and packed with nutrients, our quality Japanese organic matcha is green tea powder with zing.

Vegan SuitableVegetarian

  • Full Description

    So, what’s so great about matcha? We’d say it comes down to three things: the exquisite taste of the best varieties, the power generated by grinding the green leaves (tencha) into a powder, and the artistry of the Japanese tea ceremony. Think of matcha as a green tea espresso: by consuming the leaf as a powder rather than infusing and removing, you get all the goodness contained in the leaf. The name – “ma” translates as powder, “cha” as tea – says it all.

    Our ceremonial-grade matcha has been sourced from Southern Japan’s matcha centre, the mountainous area of Makizono in the seaside city of Kagoshima. Famous for its volcanic, subtropical landscape, it’s considered to be one of the best growing regions in Japan. Produced using tencha that thrives in mineral-rich, fertile soil near Kirishima volcano, it makes for a superb vibrant green, aromatic cup (or should we say bowl).

    Our Matcha is organic and has a complex, rich and aromatic flavour with a soft, nutty sweetness that lingers after drinking. It has earthy and grassy notes with a pleasant almost savoury bitterness.

    • Origin: Japan

    • Tea type:  Organic green

    • Number of servings (using 1 heaped 1 heaped chasaku matcha spoon / 1.5g per cup): 30g = 20 cups

    • Ideal for using with:  Bamboo Matcha Whisk, Stoneware Matcha Bowl and Bamboo Matcha Spoon

  • Ingredients

    Powdered Green Tea

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
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    Weight: 30g

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong light and odours. Once opened, store in an airtight container.

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  • Reviews

The Green Tea Power Powder

When tea was first introduced to Japan, the Chinese custom was to grind the leaves down to a fine powder, then beat them with water to form a smooth, full-bodied tea. It's a custom that survived in Japan as matcha (literally "powder tea"), a finely powdered green tea which is revered not just as a drink but as a way of life.

Brew the perfect cup

1. Mix paste

2. Top up with water

3. Whisk

4. Enjoy!

Recipe: Matcha Latte

We couldn't resist getting a little creative, whisking it into a latte for a moment of indulgence...


1-2tsp Matcha (depending on personal taste)

50ml 75-80°C water (after boiling the water, let your kettle sit with its lid open for 10-15 minutes)

1 cup of milk (we recommend soya milk for a deliciously creamy latte)


Sift the matcha into a bowl to remove any lumps.

Add a splash of hot water.

Whisk clockwise, then anticlockwise, to make a thin, foamy paste.

Heat up your chosen milk and add it to the bowl of matcha.

Whisk back and forth in a “W” motion to create a thick froth with light bubbles on the surface.