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Welcome to the future of coffee brewing. The Clever Coffee Dripper takes the best parts from the immersion brewing of a cafetière and the filter of a pour over, creating something totally innovative. A full flavour coffee with a clean, crisp taste that’s easy to make at home.

Please note that our V60 Replacement Filters are not compatible with this dripper.

  • Full Description

    The Clever Coffee Dripper is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that combines two familiar coffee brewing processes to give you a coffee that’s intense but not bitter or overpowering, the perfect middle ground.

    What makes this equipment unique is that once you add hot water, the coffee brews whilst resting on the filter paper; it only begins to filter when you place it on your cup; when it’s removed, the coffee stops dripping, ingenious. It even comes with a handy coaster to sit your Clever Coffee Dripper on and catch any drips.

    • Includes: Tritan BPA free plastic Clever Coffee Dripper with removable lid, coaster, and 100 filter papers

    • Coffee format: Coarsely (cafetière) ground coffee

    • Capacity: Up to 550ml. We recommend for a 300ml cup to add 20g of freshly ground coffee.

    • Number of servings: 3 espresso cups or 1 mug

    • Brewing time: 4 minutes. We advise you to change timings and coffee amount to suit your own taste.

    • Ideal Coffees: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee, San Agustin Colombia Coffee


  • Product Specifications
    Code: 356576

    Height: 15cm
    Width(including handle):17.5cm
    Depth(at widest point): 13.5cm
    Capacity: Up to 550ml
    Weight: 255g
    Total Weight of Set: 663g
    Box: 17cm x 19cm x 16cm
    Maximum diameter of compatible mug or cup: 9.5cm

    Care Instructions:
    Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

    We recommend washing by hand in warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly in clear water to remove any residue. Dry with soft, dry cloth.

    Never use abrasive cleaning products.

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How to Make

You will need:
1 filter paper
3 scoops of ground coffee
300ml just below boiling water
100ml hot water to preheat cup

* We advise you to change timings and coffee amount to suit your own taste and always use freshly ground beans.

Fold a filter paper along the seams and place it into the Clever Coffee Dripper. Wet the paper with ideally filtered boiling water. This removes any papery taste from the filter.

Place the Clever Coffee Dripper onto your cup and allow the water to drip through. After 30 seconds, discard the water. Your cup will now be pre-heated, maintaining the coffee's temperature.

For a 300ml cup, add 20g of fresh, coarsley (cafetière) ground coffee to the Clever Coffee Dripper and gently shake to level the coffee out.

Pour just below boiling water over the coffee in a slow circular motion, until the desired capacity is reached. Place the lid on top to keep the coffee warm and wait 4 minutes for the coffee to brew.

Place the Clever Coffee Dripper onto your cup or jug, and the coffee will begin dripping. Simply lift when your desired capacity is reached, the dripping will stop.

Place the Clever Coffee Dripper onto the coaster to catch any drips. You now have a full flavoured, clean tasting, cup of coffee.