Whittard Copper 3-Cup Cafetière


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Take control of your coffee-making with our classic cafetière. This elegant French press let's you make coffee exactly to your preference, adjusting to water temperature and brew time to suit your taste.


  • Full Description

    Also known as the 'French press', cafetières are great when you want easy-going coffee with a deliciously full flavour. This cafetière makes around three espresso cups (or one mug). It's gracefully designed in hardwearing borosilicate glass and gleaming copper-hued stainless steel, so perfect when you've got guests. There's even a scoop included to help you get the perfect measure of coffee.

    While any coffee can be used, we think medium-dark and dark roasts are particularly well suited to cafetière brewing. The natural oils of the coffee beans are brought out during roasting, which transfer to the coffee and give you a smoother, more robust coffee. So if you want to add a bit of chic to your morning routine, or you'd like to make a grand impression when entertaining, look no further than a Whittard Cafetière.

    • Includes: Cafetière and coffee scoop

    • Number of servings: 3 espresso cups or 1 mug

    • Capacity: 350ml

    • Coffee format: Ground coffee; cafetière grind 

    • Brewing time: 4 minutes

    • Material: Copper coloured stainless steel frame, stainless steel filter, borosilicate glass beaker

    • Ideal for using with: Guatemala Elephant CoffeeMonsoon Malabar Coffee and Café Français Coffee

    • Replacement cafetière parts available: Whittard 3-Cup Glass Beaker 

    Visit our cafetière guide to find out more.

  • Product Specifications
    Code: 355107

    Height: 17.5cm
    Width(including handle): 12cm
    Diameter: 7.5cm
    Capacity: 350ml
    Weight: 280g

    Care Instructions:
    Not suitable for microwave or stove top use. Do not use a cafetière that is scratched, cracked or chipped.
    The glass is suitable for the dishwasher, however we recommend washing by hand.
    Wash the glass and filter in warm, soapy water, then rinse thoroughly in clear water to remove any residue. Dry with a soft, dry cloth.
    Never use abrasive cleaning products that will scratch the glass.
    Wipe the frame with a soft, damp cloth and dry with a soft, dry cloth.

    Be cautious: pushing the plunger down too fast can cause hot coffee to shoot out of the lip.

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Très Français, N'est-ce Pas?

In spite of its name, the cafetière – or "French press" – was invented by an Italian man in 1929. Today it's one of the most recognisable and popular ways of making coffee; we recommend using a coarser grind for a complex, full-bodied brew.

  1. Add one scoop of coarsely ground coffee per person to the cafetière. Boil the kettle, wait for a minute or two, and then pour just enough water onto the grounds to cover them. Wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Top up with the desired amount of water, put the lid on, and leave the plunger up. Brew for around 4 minutes.
  3. Slowly plunge, then pour and enjoy!