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Spring Action Infuser

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A great spring-action infuser for brewing tea leaves in a cup or mug. With a simple pull down motion, you can open the infuser and scoop up your desired amount of tealeaves. Once released the infuser springs shut, capturing the leaves inside. A fun, novel and attractive way to infuse loose tea in a cup or mug.

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I can see why loose tea would be a problem, but this is great for things like fresh mint tea, or more bulky infusion options. This is what I got given to use in a lovely french chain of restaurants and worked a dream for fresh mint.

Posted by R Webb (11th April 2014)


Completely impractical. As others have said, the two halves don't fully slide apart making it hard to empty/clean when the leaves are wet, and it can't be used solely with a mug/cup of tea because the tea leaves escape, floating around in the cup. Had to try to make it work by making the tea in a jug then pouring it into a mug with an additional tea strainer - a joke!

Posted by Anna (30th March 2014)


I agree with other comments about the wet tea leaved being difficult to clean out after use, and the leaves escaping out the side of the strainer when brewing. I could almost forgive all that, because it's a pretty product, but mine actually broke the second time I used it. I'll be taking it back for a refund. A real shame :(

Posted by Eleanor O'Connell (20th August 2013)


After attempting to use the product..twice, and failing to make a decent cup of tea without a mass of tea leaves..I have to conclude that, as per the other reviews the product is NOT fit for purpose.

Very disappointing as Whittard's standards are usually quite high.

Posted by ADAM HONEYMAN (30th July 2013)


I agree with the above buyer. Tea leaves all over the place when trying to empty and not great to fill either. Disappointing product and not used a lot as not efficient .

Posted by Mrs J Button (16th May 2013)

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Spring Action Infuser
Tea making equipment from Whittard of Chelsea including Spring Action Infuser.
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