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Oolong Tea 50 Teabags

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Delicate 'semi-fermented' Oolong is halfway between a black and green tea. Its floral, lingering sweetness comes from a process of bruising, shaking and rolling the leaves which takes great skill to perfect. A truly exotic taste that is subtle, mild and aromatic, perfect for late afternoon or evening.


Té negro (100%). Apto para vegetarianos, vegetarianos estrictos y quienes no toleran la lactosa.

Brew a perfect cup

Use agua fresca de la pava. El agua que queda en la pava pierde fuerza y apaga el sabor del té. Si utiliza una tetera, enjuáguela con agua hirviendo para extraer todo el sabor del té. Agregue 2 o 3 bolsitas de té a una tetera para seis tazas o una bolsita a un jarro. Vierta el agua hirviendo y deje reposar entre 2 y 3 minutos. Este té se debe preparar liviano. Este té es mejor sin leche. Deje de hacer lo que está haciendo y disfrute.

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I have been looking for the perfect oolong teaa bag since another company discontinued theirs due to availability problems. I'm so glad to again find a nice everyday oolong with that lovely intoxicating aroma of just baled hay with a hint of fresh pipe tobacco as it brews. I'm not as keen on the more expensive and more delicate "better quality" leaf oolongs I've tried. Give me this dark coloured brew with it's smooth, subtle yet crisp autumnal flavours and I'm in tea paradise for as long as my mug lasts. Excellent value too.

Posted by Phoebe B (12th December 2012)


what ive been waiting for
to me nearly the perfect cuppa.

Posted by Stu (18th April 2012)


great value and very nice flavour

Posted by Andrew Hearne (9th December 2011)

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Oolong Tea 50 Teabags
Oolong Tea 50 Teabags
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