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Spiced Chai

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An exotic blend of tea, milk and spices.  Place 3-4 teaspoons (20g) in a cup or mug, add 200ml of hot or cold milk and stir well.  For an ice cold chai, blend with a combination of milk and crushed ice.

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I like the taste but it is a little too sweet as other reviewers have commented. Also I'm left with lots of spice grindings at the bottom, which although help me believe the authenticity it's not a very nice texture at the end of the drink.
There's another company that specialise in Chai Latte and I would rather drink their version, sorry!

Posted by Sarah Girling (10th January 2014)


It's lovely just before bed but too sweet made with milk. I prefer to just add boiled water.

Posted by Juliet O'Brien (1st October 2013)


Lovely but I found it was way too sickly sweet if I made it up with milk!

Instead I brewed it with 200 ml of water. It tasted much better (although it wouldn't dissolve properly near the bottom of the cup).

Posted by Juliet O'Brien (23rd August 2013)

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Spiced Chai
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