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Green Gunpowder Tag & Envelope Teabags

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Item Code: 273557 / Net weight: 25 Teabags: 50g / 1.76oz


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This tea takes its name from the particular treatment of the leaves. Rolled into tight pearls, they were mistaken for gunpowder by 16th century traders. Our blend's grey-green leaves unfurl peacefully to produce a golden tea revealing a smooth, sweet, slightly smoky flavor. A perfect tea for a quiet, contemplative pause.


Té verde (100%). Apto para vegetarianos, vegetarianos estrictos y quienes no toleran la lactosa.

Brew a perfect cup

Use agua fresca de la pava. El agua que queda en la pava pierde fuerza y apaga el sabor del té. Si utiliza una tetera, enjuáguela con agua hirviendo para extraer todo el sabor del té. Agregue 2 o 3 cucharaditas de té a una tetera para seis tazas o una bolsita a un jarro. Vierta el agua hirviendo y deje reposar entre 2 y 3 minutos. Este té se debe preparar liviano. Beba este té sin leche. Deje de hacer lo que está haciendo y saboree.

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This is a lovely smooth tea to drink. Nicer than Sencha green tea.The lower rating is due to the supply of the teabag from Whittards in it\\s different forms. Unfortunately, at this moment, it seems to be only available in a box of 25, individually wrapped teabags, rather than a box of 50 teabags, for the same price. The box of 50 Sencha teabags is always available on this site. I know the 50 teabag Gunpowder version does exist. They are never available in the shops and the sales assistants usually directed me to the website. When it makes its sporadic appearance I usually buy in bulk to ensure I don\'t run out and I\'m not being forced to pay more than double for this tea.Very disappointing.Come on Whittards...sort this out !!!

Posted by C Brownlie (23rd November 2013)

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Green Gunpowder Tag & Envelope Teabags
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