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Paquet de 125 g de thé Earl Grey Afternoon (Après-midi) en feuilles

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Peu de moments dans une journée sont plus agréables que l'heure du thé britannique, mieux connue comme le thé de l'après-midi. Notre thé Earl Grey Afternoon (Après-midi) se distingue par son goût classique de bergamote combiné à la douce fragrance des bleuets. Un mélange élégant qui rappelle une époque de précieuse porcelaine et de conversations, lorsque l'heure du thé était un plaisir qu'on savourait sans se hâter.


Black Tea, 2.5% Bergamot flavoring, 0.2% Mallow Blossom & 0.2% Cornflower Blossom.

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Ideally warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Use one teaspoon (around 2g) per cup and always use freshly drawn and boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste. Can be drunk with or without milk.  

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I tried several blends before this one and and this is superb. I've bought it for years now.
I love the bergamot without it being too overpowering or tasting like" fairy liquid".
The large blue cornflowers are a delightful addition. I drink it with milk. It's always refreshing. Make a pot, sit back and enjoy!

Posted by Mo Singh (16th September 2013)


When I was in London this autumn, I wanted to buy some Afternoon Blend, but it was currently out of stock. The staff recommended this one as a suitable substitute, so I gave it a try. And I'm really glad I did.

This tea is close enough to the Afternoon Blend I had wanted, so I really don't feel like having got stuck with a second-best option.
In fact it's a bit like meeting an old friend, who's changed slightly but is still amiable.

The tea tastes similar enough to have fond memories of the Afternoon Blend, yet it's just different enough to be more than a second-best replacement for a favourite tea. That's to say it's a fine and tasty tea in its own right and will have a place in my range of teas.

Posted by HC Fath (3rd December 2012)


This is one of the best Earl Grey teas I have had, and I have had quite a few.

Posted by Mrs A Solomon (8th April 2012)


Every time I drink afternoon earl
grey, I feel relaxed and refreshed.
This is my top favorite tea.

Posted by yuri kitano (27th March 2012)


I've absolutely enjoyed every single cup I have drank of this tea.

It's not strong but at the same time you get a very defined taste of earl grey. The blue cornflowers are perfect at this.

I knew about this tea in London but... when I bought it here it was so much better than I remembered....

Now, in Spain, I remember my journey every time I get a cup of this Loose Afternoon Earlgrey.

Maybe I am not being too professional with this review but I have just fallen in love with this one.

Posted by Andrea (7th February 2012)

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Paquet de 125 g de thé Earl Grey Afternoon (Après-midi) en feuilles
Loose Afternoon Earl Grey 125g Packet
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