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Finest Afternoon Loose Tea Pouch & Silver Plated Infuser

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Origin: Blended
Leaf Type: Black Leaf and Green Jasmine
Taste: Strong and smooth
Drink: Light without milk or stronger with milk
Brew: 3-5 minutes according to taste
When to drink: Lazy afternoons

This aromatic blend of fine black and Jasmine Green Tea is combined with the distinctive flavor of bergamot. This gift includes a silver plated infuser, perfect for making an individual cup of tea.

Height: 21cm
Width: 9cm
Depth: 8cm


83.2% black tea, 15.8% green tea, 1% bergamot flavoring.

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Measure ½ teaspoon of tea into the silver plated infuser for one cup or add 3-4 teaspoons of tea to a 6 cup pot. Pour freshly drawn boiling water and leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Pour through a strainer. Add milk or lemon.

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Finest Afternoon Loose Tea Pouch & Silver Plated Infuser
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