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Golden Carp Set

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This porcelain teapot, along with its set of four matching cups, features a delicate pattern of carp swimming among lotus flowers. Form and design are inspired by Chinoiserie, the decorative arts movement that was à la mode in the tea salons of eighteenth-century Paris. In Chinese culture, the carp, flowers and gilding are associated with harmony, bliss and enlightenment – rather like tea itself! The Golden Carp teapot has a 1000ml capacity and a removable stainless steel filter for a perfect cup of tea and easy cleaning.

The teapot and the set of four cups have a delicate celadon glaze, while the teapot also features a contrasting gilt / brushed gold finish lid. The cups and the teapot are dishwasher safe, apart from the teapot lid, which should be gently rinsed with warm water to protect its golden finish.

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Golden Carp Set
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