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Riche chocolat chaud

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Notre chocolat chaud décadent est extrêmement riche et onctueux. Il vous offre un moment de pur délice.


Sugar, Cocoa (39%), Dextrose, Salt, flavoring.  Suitable for Vegetarians,Vegans, Coeliacs & those with Lactose intolerance.   

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Spoon 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) into a mug or cup, maybe a couple more if you are feeling decadent. Gently heat approximately 200ml of milk and pour onto the chocolate stirring thoroughly. For a moment of true indulgence, top with whipped cream, marshmallows and a generous sprinkle of hot chocolate powder.

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Made this with skimmed milk but it still tasted creamy, rich and delicious. Easily as good as anything from any of the well-known coffee shops. Not sure how other reviewers found it gritty, I found it smooth. Maybe it's the way people mix it? Maybe they didn't heat the milk enough so that the sugar dissolved?

Posted by Paula (1st March 2014)


I bought a selection box as a treat for Christmas, no one in our family likes them. There is no flavour,they are all too sweet, gritty, and leave a horrible aftertaste. Gone in the bin. sad because I used to really like whittards Hot choc, but then it was actually chocolate. I have to go back to Charbonnel et Walker. Sadly I could give no stars.

Posted by Penni (21st February 2014)


Best hot chocolate I have ever had. I love nothing more than sitting on sofa in the winter with a hot chocolate and this one is just perfect. Some people just don't know how to make it properly.

Posted by Lou bradford (13th April 2013)


I am sorry some if these reviews say that the supermarkets hot chocolates are better value, I have to disagree, I have been buying this for at least 10 years and when living in Canada for 5 years shipped it over, you can only make this with milk, and whisk for a minute at least otherwise it will be gritty. I don't drink tea or coffee so this is my luxury, but everyone is entitled to there own opinion. But for those who enjoy also buy when on offer and in bulk works out at approx £3.50 per carton.

Posted by Julie Hudson (26th January 2013)


I had high hopes for this, considering the price and Whittard's reputation, but this hot chocolate was nothing but disappointing. Completely bland and tasteless — ones you can buy in the supermarket are much tastier, and can be obtained for a fraction of the cost.

Posted by Matthew Hill (8th January 2013)

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Riche chocolat chaud
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