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Mexican Chiapas Coffee

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Origin: Chiapas, Southern Mexico
Body: Medium-bodied
Roast: Mild Roast (1)
Summary of taste: Soft fruit drizzled with cream and honey
Whittard recommends: Using a filter or cafetière and enjoying black or with milk according to taste 
When to drink: Throughout the day
This exciting new coffee from Whittard evokes the warmth and passion of Mexico. Packed with layer after layer of flavor, it brings Latin American color to any day.
The coffee is grown under shade in the mountain region of Chiapas, deep in the south of Mexico on its border with Guatemala. Juicy soft fruit flavors are combined with a rich creaminess and honey sweetness that intensify as the cup cools.  
With a refreshing acidity and a natural sweetness, it is a great all day drinking coffee. Tantalising the palette with its complex tastes, every sip awakens the senses.



100% Arabica Beans Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.  

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For the perfect cup of Mexican Chiapas Coffee, always use fresh water, off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Whittard's Mexican Chiapas is great for using with a filter or cafetière - follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions. Do not re-heat brewed coffee. 

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A coffee to drink all day and every day, the taste surpasses the price, in my view the taste is equable to the Jamaican blue mountain, that might seem harsh on the blue mountain but who on earth can afford to drink that all day and every day!
Great stuff!!!!

Posted by David Newell (1st March 2014)

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Mexican Chiapas Coffee
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