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Chelsea Espresso Coffee

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Origin: Blended
Body: Light-bodied
Roast: Light Roast (1)
Summary of taste: Bright and fruity with vanilla sweetness
Whittard recommends: Using an espresso machine and enjoying as an espresso, latte or cappuccino
When to drink: In the afternoon

Whittard’s Chelsea Espresso is a unique blend specially created by Whittard’s expert buyers for its customers. Designed to offer a richly sweet and fruity cup, it is a great coffee for the afternoon. 
It is a combination of four classic coffee beans from around the world. Brazil’s sweet caramel Cerrado beans are combined with Nicaragua’s fruity Cattura beans and the delicately floral beans of Ethiopia and Kenya to create a coffee packed with flavour. Medium roasted to bring out its irresistible nectarine and peach notes, it is refreshingly light with a soothing hint of vanilla sweetness. 
The perfect afternoon pick me up, Whittard’s Chelsea Espresso is great enjoyed as a single shot, but its complex flavours make it perfect for lattes and cappuccinos, too.

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Chelsea Espresso Coffee
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