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Creamy Chocolate Caramel flavor Instant Coffee

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Our wonderfully indulgent creamy chocolate caramel flavored instant coffee. A truly delicious fusion of chocolate & sweet caramel.

Makes approximately 42 cups of coffee


Café seco congelado de granos arábigos puros, sabor idéntico al natural.

Brew a perfect cup

Agregue una cucharadita de este café por taza o jarro. Agregue agua justo antes de hervir. Agregue leche y azúcar a gusto.

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My friend got me one of these for my birthday, and I am SO grateful! It smells amazing and is really delicious. I love love love coffee - go through several cups a day. Now I can't go back to normal coffee after this. Nice and sweet taste, and not too sickly. 5*

Posted by Deborah (31st May 2013)


I agree with the negative comments. It smells amazing but doesn't taste like anything. Not worth the money

Posted by Aaishah (31st May 2013)


Totally disagree with negative comments. I can't let myself run out of this stuff and have been known to run a pilgrimage for it! I have one a day as a milky coffee, definitely best with hot milk

Posted by Karen (7th February 2013)


I would totally disagee with the comments above, the coffee smells and tastes fantastic. is most enjoyed with hot milk and you can taste the chocolate caramel !

Posted by zoe (21st August 2012)


smells amazing. But has no taste. overly priced when i can get the same taste for a dollar at my deli

Posted by Sam (6th August 2012)

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Creamy Chocolate Caramel flavor Instant Coffee
Stronger, Richer & Fuller Creamy Chocolate Caramel
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