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Elegant Hazelnut flavor Ground Coffee

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Item Code: 302612 / Net weight: 120g / 4.23oz


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Origin: Blended
Body: Medium-bodied
Roast: Mild Roast (2)
Summary of taste: Rich and nutty
Whittard recommends: Using with any type of coffee maker
When to drink: Throughout the day
The intense nuttiness of this flavored coffee evokes luxury pralines. Exotically rich and elegant, it has an irresistible aroma that is every bit as good as it tastes.
A delicious and refreshing pick-me up for any time of day, it is a sophisticated coffee to share with family and friends.
For its flavored coffee Whittard has used the finest Arabica coffee beans and ground them to suit all brewing methods.  


Premium Ground Arabica Coffee, flavoring

Brew a perfect cup

For the perfect cup of Elegant Hazelnut Coffee, always use fresh water, off the boil so you don't scald the coffee. Whittard’s flavored coffee is great for using with any type of coffee maker - follow the manufacturer's equipment instructions. Do not re-heat brewed coffee. 

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Elegant Hazelnut flavor Ground Coffee
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