Coffee Gifts

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  1. Coffees of the World


    A fantastic coffee experience.  Our 9 most popular ground coffees from around the world - includes: Monsoon Malabar, Santos and Java, Sumatra, Guatemalan Elephant, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Pico Duarte, Colombian, Costa Rican and Mocha Djimmah. Ground coffee, suitable for use...
  2. Finest Coffee Collection Gift Box


    A connoisseur’s collection of eight luxurious single origin ground coffees. Contains coffees with different strengths, from mild-medium (2) to strong (5). Coffees included are Micha Djimmjah (mild), Costa Rican (mild), Pico Duarte (medium), Colombian (medium), Nicaraguan...
  3. Flavoured Coffee Selection


    This selection box is an exciting introduction to the world of Whittard’s flavoured coffees. It makes a perfect gift, whether you are giving it to a seasoned flavoured coffee lover or someone who is trying these coffees for the first time.    Made with premium...
  4. Coffee Selection Gift Box


    The perfect opportunity to taste a selection of our coffee blends. Contains ground coffees with different strengths, from mild-medium (2) to strong (5). Coffees include a sweet & smooth 'Costa Rican' mild medium roast, mellow & fruity 'Mocha Djimmah'...
  5. Morning, Afternoon and Evening Coffee


    A perfect gift with 3 of our favorite coffee blends to enjoy throughout the day and into the evening. Gift set includes:  Morning Breakfast Blend of medium-strong roast coffee, an afternoon Colombian medium roast coffee and an evening After Dinner strong roast coffee.  Ground...
  6. Whittard Coffee Caddy


    Keep your coffee beans or ground coffee beautifully fresh in this stylish airtight caddy. Featuring the Whittard logo in gold lettering, it is a great addition to any kitchen.  Diameter: 9.5cm Height: 15cm Capacity: Holds up to 250g of coffee beans or ground coffee  
  7. flavored Coffee Syrup Giftset


    Five taster bottles of Whittard’s flavored Coffee Syrups offer a tantalising introduction to some exceptional tastes. Made exclusively for Whittard in England, the syrups use completely natural ingredients to authentically recreate some classic flavors. Add them to your...
  8. Large Red Coffee Caddy


    Our seal tight Whittard branded red caddy is perfect for storing your favorite loose coffee. Dimensions: Height 26cm Diameter 16cm at it's widest.