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28th September 2011 by Whittard

Whittard of Chelsea celebrates with .COM launch

British tea merchant unveils new website to coincide with 125th year.

Whittard of Chelsea, British Tea and Coffee Merchants since 1886, celebrates with the launch of a brand new dedicated website for its US customers.

“The main driver for launching the new site was to be able to bring all the best of British to our valued US customers” says Helen Smith, Head of E-commerce. “As with the UK equivalent, our US site is built around that very Victorian ideal of service, with the aim of creating an online experience that provides customers with the interactivity and expertise that they would find in any of our stores …”

 The website enables customers to specify exactly how they would like their coffee beans ground. ï»¿An exciting new feature in development will also allow users to blend their own tea – a modern take on the Whittard tradition of creating bespoke blends for customers. In-house tasters will offer expert advice on blending, and a selection of original blend recipes will be released from the archives.

Along with the website, Whittard will be launching dedicated US marketing campaigns, as well as a Recommend a Friend recruitment program. Plans to develop a new subscription offer allowing tea and coffee lovers to sample the most exclusive products over the year are also in the pipeline.

 “We pride ourselves on offering a far wider variety than customers could find elsewhere, and we already see significant demand for this in the US market” says Managing Director Sara Halton. “With over 20 varieties of coffee, 130 different teas and 22 flavours of hot chocolate, we have already gained a loyal customer base in the US  and as we grow this, we’ll be pushing our product range online, with an extended range across all categories, from single estate tea to fine bone china”

The website forms part of a year of festivities as Whittard celebrates its 125th anniversary. Other launches have included a range of anniversary products, including a limited edition tea blend, special events, offers and competitions … all inspired by their contemporary take on the grandeur of the Victorian era.

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28th September 2011 by Whittard

Thanksgiving teas to relax the stressed cook

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it comes that stress of preparing special meals and getting houses ready for celebrating with out of town guests.

Regardless of what your holiday season looks like, here at Whittard we suggest you take five minutes to push other things aside and sit down with a hot cup of British tea.

The British style 3.1 gram teabags have 50% more tea than the US style string and tag 2.1 gram teabags. The teabags are larger and so the tea has more room to brew, resulting in a tastier cup!

So instead of allowing food prep and stress define Thanksgiving, put the kettle on! In the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea, we can find many reasons to be thankful.

Here are a few teas that help relax a stressed cook.

  • Peppermint
  • Camomile
  • Rooibos

Have a wonderful, happy and thankful Thanksgiving!

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